Introducing LR Issue 9.2 (Asian American Futures: Arrivals)!

Cover image of LANTERN REVIEW Issue 9.2, Asian American Futures: “Arrivals,” featuring Mendy Kong’s illustration “warm”: view from inside a room with a pale peach wall and white-framed abstract artwork. Sunlight comes from an unseen window to create four rectangular yellow shadows below the frame. To the left of the frame is an open doorway, in which we can see another window casting similar yellow shadows onto the ground near a seated person with long, dark hair. Two small, succulent-like plants are visible below the window, as well as a small stool holding a white cup
Lantern Review Issue 9.2: Asian American Futures, “Arrivals”

We’ve been looking forward to sharing our youth folio issue with you all year, and this morning, we’re thrilled to finally announce its release. The second installment in our 2021 season celebrating “Asian American Futures,” Issue 9.2 (titled “Arrivals”), features work by fourteen young poets and visual artists, all of whom were between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four at the time of submission.

Fair warning: this issue is truly a stunner. Poets Sloan Asakura, Jireh Deng, Diana, Alicia Kwok, Julian Parayno-Stoll, Lourdes Ramos, Shebati Sengupta, Esther Sun, Syd Westley, and Rachael Lin Wheeler—along with visual artists Elwing Gao, Michael Khuth, Mendy Kong (our cover artist), and cairo mo—astonish and delight with work that is as deeply resonant as it is beautifully crafted. As we observe in our editorial note, these talented emerging voices aren’t just writing about Asian American futures—their work represents the generation that is boldly shaping the future of Asian American letters now.

We hope you’ll enjoy making your way through this powerful issue—and that you’ll help us celebrate by passing on the word! Leave us a comment below to tell us what you think, or find us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram (@LanternReview).

Peace and light always,
The LR editorial team

Read our youth folio, Lantern Review Issue 9.2: Asian American Futures, “Arrivals.”

Cover of CALL US WHAT WE CARRY by Amanda Gorman


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