LR News: We’re Back! (New Developments for Fall 2011)

Welcome back to a new academic year at Lantern Review!  Along with the return of the blog, this Fall brings with it a number of exciting developments—some of which we will reveal incrementally as the season progresses, but a few of which we are delighted to be able to share with you today.  Read on for a couple of important announcements, as well as a teaser of what is yet to come.

Issue 4 Reading Period

Our reading period for Issue 4 is now open. We urge you to consider sending some work our way, and to help spread the word however you can!  As always, we’re interested in original, well-crafted poetry that takes a fresh, unusual approach to the notion of “Asian American poetry”—but please don’t forget that we are also interested in visual art, new translations, collaborative pieces, and (critically relevant) essays on poetics!   For those of you who have submitted before, please note that there has been a slight change to our previous set of guidelines: whereas previously, we asked that bio’s be 2-3 sentences in length, we are now requesting that they be no more than 1-2 sentences long.

Friday Prompts

This year on the LR Blog, the posts that were formerly known as “Weekly Prompts” will now be categorized as “Friday Prompts,” in order to allow for greater variety and flexibility in our weekly schedule.  If you take a look at the categories in the sidebar, you’ll notice that we’ve changed the “Weekly Prompts” slug to “Friday Prompts” accordingly.  Not to worry, though, if you’ve previously linked to one of our prompts—the permalinks for all past Weekly Prompt posts will remain the same, so there’s no need to update your links.

Teaser: Best of the Net Nominations, New Staff Writers, and more

As October deepens into mid-Fall, we’ll be rolling out many more new developments.  Next week, we’ll be announcing our 2011 Best of the Net Nominees, and the following week, we will introduce our team of staff writers for the 2011-2012 academic year.  We also have plenty of exciting new reviews and interviews and a brand new column planned for the fall, so please continue to keep your eyes peeled in the weeks to come!

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