LR Issue 9.1 (Asian American Futures: Horizons) Is Here!

Cover Image: LANTERN REVIEW Issue 9.1, Asian American Futures: “Horizon” (featuring painting by Tanzila Ahmed: six South Asian women with smoke-blue, braided hair, gold jewelry, and pink lips; hot pink laser beams shoot from their large eyes in every direction. Their heads and torsos float against a pink background and are hidden among green palms formed by collaged paper containing Urdu text about a Sufi saint. Water droplets the color of their hair fall around them.)
Lantern Review Issue 9.1: Asian American Futures, “Horizons”

At long last, Issue 9.1, the first in our 2021 season, is here! We’ve been talking about our theme, “Asian American Futures,” for months now, but when we finally sat down to work on this first issue, we were amazed at how naturally the pieces in it seemed to come together. From Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed’s colorful, witty cover art featuring a gathering of laser-eyed aunties to Joan Kwon Glass’s poem about her daughter’s love for Iron Man, Issue 9.1 is populated by superheroes, ghosts, space explorers, and other shared motifs that converge and riff off one another to carve out their own, sweeping futuristic visions.

In addition to Ahmed’s and Glass’s work, the issue also features poems from Cathy Linh Che, Chen Chen, Kirsten Shu-ying Chen, Geramee Hensley, Eddie Kim, and Bethany Swann. We’re in love with the courage, the hope, the fierce tenderness, and the wisdom to be found in these pieces, and we can’t wait to share them with you today.

We hope you’ll enjoy the issue, and as always, we’d love to hear your impressions! Leave us a comment below or let us know what you think on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram (@LanternReview).

Peace and light always,
The LR editorial team

Click here to read Lantern Review Issue 9.21: Asian American Futures, “Horizons.”


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