It’s that time of year again, and now that Issue 4 has successfully launched, we’re on our way to AWP. There are a few different ways you can connect with us at this year’s conference, so read on and we’ll see you in Chicago!

1. AWP Bookfair: LANTERN REVIEW and the “Asian American Literary Collective”
This year we’ll be sharing a table at the bookfair with Kartika Review under the name “The Asian American Literary Collective.” This will be the best way to connect with us–so do drop by and say hello! Our table number is S16 and we’ll have information about an exciting new project (see below!) and as well as a number of other Asian American literary organizations and publications.

2. Pocket Broadsides: A Joint Project with KARTIKA REVIEW
If you come by our table, you’ll see that we’ve collaborated with Kartika Review this year to produce a series of 50 unique miniature (pocket-sized) broadsides containing micro-poems and -prose by contributors to both magazines. We’ll be giving them to people in exchange for completing a small writing task, or as thank you gifts for donations. Come by our table to find out how to participate!

3. Panels & Readings
Finally, though this is mostly going to be a “bookfair year” for us, we still hope to check out a few panels throughout the conference. Below, we’ve assembled a list of events that we feel may be of interest to Lantern Review readers, contributors and staff… especially given that a number of you are scheduled to be presenters!

Thursday, March 1 | 9:00 AM
R123. Who Can Say Who Are Citizens? Poets?
(Lytton Smith, Brian Teare, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Sarah Gambito, Melissa Castillo-Garsow)
State Ballroom, Palmer House Hilton, 4th Floor

Thursday, March 1 | 12:00 PM
R163. A Face to Meet the Faces: Five Poets on Persona, Empathy, and Race
(Stacey Lynn Brown, Eduardo C. Corral, Cornelius Eady, Patricia Smith, Jake Adam York)
Waldorf, Hilton Chicago, 3rd Floor

R166. Writing the Middle East, Crossing Genre, Crossing Borders
(LeAnne Howe, Matthew Shenoda, Jim Wilson, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Hayan Charara)
Wiliford C, Hilton Chicago, 3rd Floor

Thursday, March 1 | 4:30 PM
R225. Agha Shahid Ali, the Ghazal, and the Destruction of Kashmir
(Paul Breslin, Stephen Burt, Raza Hasan, Ravi Shankar)
Continental A, Hilton Chicago, Lobby Level

Friday, March 2 | 10:30 AM
F135. Experiments in Individual Solace and Collective Safety: Five Days of Crafting Poetry at the Kundiman Writers’ Retreat
(Sarah Gambito, Cathy Linh Che, Myung Mi Kim, Patrick Rosal, Prageeta Sharma)
Lake Ontario, Hilton Chicago, 8th Floor

Friday, March 2 | 12:00 PM
F160. Works in Progress Mix Tape
(Ken Chen, Nami Mun, Don Lee, Prageeta Sharma)
Marquette, Hilton Chicago, 3rd Floor

Friday, March 2 | 3:00 PM
F215. Shifting Intimacies: A Reading by South Asian Diasporic Writers
(Roksana Badruddoja, Ravi Shankar, Leena Pendharkar, Vidhu Aggarwal, Nirmala Nataraj)

Friday, March 2 | 4:30 PM
F230. Arab and Arab American Feminisms
(Nadine Naber, Youmna Chlala, Susan Muaddi Darraj, Randa Jarrar)

Saturday, March 3 | 9:00 AM
S121. Speaking in Tongues
(Sandra M. Yee, Tarfia Faizullah, francine j. harris, Henry W. Leung, Milta Ortiz)
Red Lacquer Room, Palmer House Hilton, 4th Floor

Saturday, March 3 | 1:30 PM
S191. Coloring Outside the Lines
(Sandra M. Yee, J. Michael Martinez, Jamaal May, Dina Omar, Jane Wong)
Red Lacquer Room, Palmer House Hilton, 4th Floor

Saturday, March 3 | 4:30 PM
S229. Asian American Writers’ Workshop Discusses Asian American Poetry: Past, Present, Future
(Victoria Chang, Timothy Yu, Ken Chen, Nick Carbo, Sandra Lim)

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