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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the LR Blog!  The weeks of anticipation are finally over. We’re pleased to announce today’s launch, which coincides with the launch of our full web site and preview of our magazine’s layout.  Please add us to your RSS feeds and spread the word wherever you can!  We have a lot of exciting new content lined up for our first month, including a review of Ching-In Chen’s debut book The Heart’s Traffic and interviews with poet Luisa Igloria and Kundiman founder Joseph Legaspi, but before we begin to post new content, we thought we would take the opportunity to introduce the regular columns that we’ll be running:

  • LR News
    Here’s where we’ll post news and updates about the magazine, blog, and web site.
  • Editors’ Picks
    Every once in a while, the editors will share things that we like or that we think might be of interest to our readers.  This column is the place where you’ll find our selections.
  • Friends & Neighbors
    In this column, the editors will post about news that’s happening to our friends and neighbors in the Asian American arts community. Once a week, we’ ll also deliver a roundup of relevant events happening in major metropolitan areas.
  • Weekly Prompt
    Every Friday afternoon, we’ll post a new writing prompt to help you kick off your weekend.
  • Reviews
    Staff blogger Supriya Misra will review approximately one new collection of Asian American poetry a month.  On occasion, Ly Chheng will also review books of Asian American prose .
  • Interviews
    Our in-house interviewer Ada Yee (and occasionally other members of the blog team) will conduct and post  conversations with leading figures in the Asian American poetry scene.
  • Per Diem: Poetry in Everyday Student Life
    Undergraduate correspondent Ben-Zhen Sung will provide an insider’s look at life as a college creative writing student, reflecting on process and the poetics of unlikely places along the way.
  • What’s Going On
    In this op-ed style column, staff blogger Ly Chheng will respond to news & current events.
  • Writing Home: Issues in Diaspora Writing
    Staff blogger Mrigaa Sethi will engage with language, history, geography and more as she reflects on the poetics and politics of Asian diasporic literature.

To find out more about the bloggers behind these columns, check out our bios on the Masthead Page.

We hope you’ll enjoy the content that we post here, and welcome your suggestions of books, interview subjects, and other topics to feature in future posts.  To put in your two cents, just leave a comment or send us an email at editors[at]

Thank you for all of your support and patience we continue to build LR piece by piece.  We look forward to carrying on more conversations with you in the weeks and months to come.


Iris & Mia
LR Editorial Staff

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