Poems for Monday Mornings: Myung Mi Kim reads from DURA (“Chart”)

This morning, we’re continuing the Monday Morning series that we began last month in celebration of National Poetry and API Heritage Months.  Each week, we will be sharing an audio recording of a different poem that has moved, challenged, or stuck with us.

This week’s selection is one of Mia’s again: Myung Mi Kim reads from the section “Chart” (in her book Dura) for Wave Books’ PoetryPolitic Blog (via PennSound):

Myung Mi Kim reads from Dura

To listen via streaming audio, click the link above, which will take you to Kim’s page on PennSound, and then scroll down to the recording (under the heading “From Wave Books’ PoetryPolitic Blog, 2008”).

Or, to retrieve and open the file directly on your computer’s media player software, click here.

Happy Monday!

– Mia & Iris