Summer Reads: Issue 2 Contributor Kimberly Alidio

Welcome to our Summer Reads 2011 blog series!  Throughout the months of July and August, we will be featuring recommended reading lists submitted by Lantern Review contributors who want to share either books they plan to read themselves this summer, or titles they want to suggest to the wider LR community.  This week features a set of reads from Issue 2 contributor Kimberly Alidio.

She writes:

I’m halfway through the Naropa Summer Writing Program — hello from Boulder to the Lantern Review family!  My reading list relates to the conversations of the past two weeks.  As I was compiling this, I was often tempted to add the line: “and, eventually, all her other books.”

Anselm Berrigan, Notes from Irrelevance (Wave, 2011)

Tisa Bryant, [the curator] (Belladonna, 2009)

kari edwards, iduna (O Books, 2003)

Marcella Durand, Traffic & Weather (Futurepoem, 2008)

Renee Gladman, To After That (Toaf) (Atelos, 2008)

Christine Hume, Alaskaphrenia (New Issues, 2004)

Brenda Iijima, ed., )((eco(lang)(uage (reader)) (Nightboat, 2010)

Myung Mi Kim, Penury (Omnidawn, 2009)

Dawn Lundy Martin, Discipline (Nightboat, 2011)

Farid Matuk, This Isa Nice Neighborhood (Letter Machine, 2010)

Myriam Moscona, trans. Jen Hofer, Negro Marfil (Les Figues, 2011)

Alice Notley, Culture of One (Penguin, 2011)

Akilah Oliver, A Toast in the House of Friends (Coffee House, 2009)

Charles Olson, Maximus Poems (UC Press, 1960)

Evie Shockley, The New Black (Wesleyan, 2011)

Sei Shonagon, Pillow Book (Columbia UP, 1991)

Jonathan Skinner, Warblers (Albion, 2010)

Brian Teare, Sight Maps (UC Press, 2009)

And I’m so looking forward to:

Hoa Nguyen, As Long as Trees Last (Wave, 2012)

Jai Arun Ravine,  (Tinfish, forthcoming)

*  *  *

For more, read Kimberly’s poem “translation” in Lantern Review‘s Issue 2.

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