LR News: November 2010 Update

Hello, all.

A couple of updates for the month of November:

Issue 2 Submissions Deadline: November 29th.

There’s just a few more weeks to send in your submissions for Issue 2!  Don’t forget to glance over our revised guidelines.  To get a feel of what we’re looking for, we suggest you take a read through Issue 1. You can find our submissions page here.

Where is Editors’ Picks? What happened to the Community Calendar?

Our Editors’ Picks column and the Community Calendar are on temporary hiatus, while we figure out a way to make maintaining them more sustainable for our two-woman editorial team.  LR is slowly growing,  and this fall has been a period of major transition for both of us, but we have been really grateful for our expanded blogging team, and are hopeful for the future.  Thank you so much for your continued support; we deeply appreciate your patience.

All the best for a lovely November,

Iris & Mia
LR Editorial Staff

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