LR News: Submission Deadline for Issue 1 Extended

First of all, welcome to those of you who are just joining us post-AWP!   [For those of you who have been following us for a while, check out our updated links page to meet some of our new friends].

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of support and interest that people expressed last weekend in Denver, we’ve decided to extend our submissions deadline by a couple of weeks.  The new submissions deadline for Issue 1 is now Thursday, April 29th. The process (via our online form) will remain the same as before, and we will still respond to those of you who submit before April 15th within 6 weeks of your submission.  So if you are just joining us now or are (like me) someone who tends to pull things together at the last possible instant — here’s your chance!  (Click on the banner below to go to our submissions page).

Many, many thanks to those have already submitted, and good luck to all!  We can’t wait to read your work!

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