Lantern Review | Issue 8.2

8.2: ”Recoveries“


Iris A. Law
Editor and Cofounder

Mia Ayumi Malhotra
Associate Editor and Cofounder

Karen Zheng
Editorial Intern

Indrani Sengupta & Irene Hsu
Staff Readers

Lantern Review | ISSN 2474-2058
Issue 8, No. 2 (Oct 2020)

Cover Art

Cindy Nguyen
Film Still from Tokyo Glances

Photo of Cindy Nguyen ABOUT THE ARTIST
Cindy Nguyen is a subversive artist-historian who works between film, poetry, and visual narrative. Her current multimedia project, Mẹ [Mom], Translated, explores intergenerational language and love. As a postdoctoral fellow at Brown University, she currently teaches Southeast Asian history and is producing a poetic documentary film on the language of Vietnamese refugee remembrance and history.• Photo by Eric Kim


Editorial Note


“[Dear John, I desperately wish
for a world without thieves . . .]”

Tiffany Hsieh
“Cooking Videos”
“A Dentist's Wife”

antmen pimentel mendoza
“Ode to the Moon, the Earth’s Only Satellite,
with Years of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”

Heather Nagami
“Reduce the Damage”