Lantern Review | Issue 7.3

7.3: ”Construction(s)“

Cover Art by Sisavanh Phouthavang Houghton
“Secret War on Laos“ series
Acrylic on board, 2018


Iris A. Law
Editor and Cofounder

Mia Ayumi Malhotra
Associate Editor and Cofounder

Irene Hsu
Editorial Intern

Lantern Review | ISSN 2474-2058
Issue 7, No. 3 (Nov 2019)


Editorial Note


Karan Madhok
“ultra sound beam”

Jane Wong
“After He Travels Through Ash,
My Grandfather Speaks”

Annette Wong

Tessie Monique
[“Dear Child, / I want . . .”]
[“Dear Child, / I try . . .”]

Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé
The Beach, and the Important
Failure of Utopia Creation”

Melody Gee
“And So More”

Visual Art

Tonya Russell
“Frozen Colors”

Sisavanh Phouthavong Houghton