Lantern Review | Issue 7.2

7.2: ”Home/lands“

Cover Art by Kang Yoo A
Linocut print, 2018


Iris A. Law
Editor and Cofounder

Mia Ayumi Malhotra
Associate Editor and Cofounder

Irene Hsu
Editorial Intern

Lantern Review | ISSN 2474-2058
Issue 7, No. 2 (May 2019)


Editorial Note


W. Todd Kaneko
“The Birds Know What They Mean”

Bryan Thao Worra
“Old Luggage”

Kaysone Syonesa
“Minnesota, 1990”

Amy Uyematsu
“The Bachi-Bachi Buddahead Blues”

Eileen R. Tabios
“Witnessed in the Convex Mirror:
Uppity Ilokano on Louboutin Vulvas”

Leslieann Hobayan
“Wedding Departure Haibun”