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Sushil Sivaram currently lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where he studies poetry at Oklahoma State University.

R.A. Villanueva lives in Brooklyn and is an editor of Tongue: A Journal of Writing & Art. A finalist for the Beatrice Hawley Award and the Kinereth Gensler Awards, his writing has appeared in Gulf Coast, AGNI, Virginia Quarterly Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, DIAGRAM, Bellevue Literary Review, and elsewhere.

Bryan Thao Worra is a Lao American writer in Minnesota. You can visit his blog at

Timothy Yu teaches English and Asian American studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His chapbook, 15 Chinese Silences, is available from Tinfish.


We are grateful to Cathy Linh Che for her help in putting together the Community Voices portion of this issue, to Mark Malhotra for writing a program that has saved us valuable time during the layout process, to Matt Law and Brandon Chez for their help in successfully migrating our content to a new web host in preparation for the issue's release, to David Lai for helping to proofread, and, as always, to our wonderful team of staff and contributing writers, who bring light and life to the blog each month.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Issue 4 | Winter 2012