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Our submissions period is currently closed. Please follow our blog to receive updates about the reading periods for future issues.

Submissions (with the exception of Community Voices and Visual Art/Photography queries) will only be accepted via our online form. Please read our guidelines thoroughly before proceeding.

General Guidelines

Categories of Work Accepted

Our Aesthetic

We incline towards contemporary free verse that features a compelling sense of voice, strong internal music and striking imagery, but are open to work that spans the spectrum from the more conservative lyric influenced by traditional forms, to experimental and hybrid forms that push the boundaries of poetry's definitions. To get an idea of what poets the editors like to read and what sort of themes and issues we find compelling, please take some time to browse through our current issue before submitting.

Who May Submit

We seek quality submissions from individual artists and communities of artists, regardless of ethnic background. Your submission does not necessarily have to directly address a “big question” about Asian (U.S.) American identity; nor does it have to take place in America or in Asia. However, please keep in mind that we are seeking to publish work that engages to some degree with issues relevant to the Asian American and/or Asian diasporic experience, and that when reading any piece, we will be looking for not only superior craft, but also for an approach to the work's subject matter that is both thoughtful and culturally/politically sensitive. (Please note: LR staff members are ineligible to submit work during their time with us).

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Current Issue

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