Lantern Review: Issue 5

Christopher Santiago

Some Words

It means a new vocabulary:
oxytocin for the bond

that makes mothers shed milk at a wail
milia for the grain

on the bridge of his fingernail nose
and before I’ve read lanugo

the down between his shoulder blades
gone. The scent too: night-

bloom freshness
nape and limb:

no name I’ve found
though if it were an ideogram

I'd write it rind and aura;
field and fold; cycle

The Hybridity Issue

that must be tended or
to stoke a little fire.


My son, I'll give my life for you
Miss Saigon, Boubil & Schonberg

Proud I could name the spasm
of yellows and broken eyelashes
dying on the sidewalk:


Couldn't rise out of our circle.
The other boys
felt only the usual compassion: I plucked it

into my mouth, spit-
sticky wing strokes