Lantern Review: A Journal of Asian American Poetry

Issue 4 | Winter 2012


Materials on the left column are from HASTAC Scholars Forum Living Meditation: Biology,Technology, Art.

Materials on the right column are from “Biopower, Bodies . . . the Exhibition, and the Spectacle of Public Health” by Hsuan L. Hsu and Martha Lincoln.


I thank Katherine Darling, Karen Barad, and especially Karen de Vries, Martine Lappe, and Donna Harraway for their comments on the initial draft of “Materials” during the first Science Studies creative writing workshop held at the University of California Santa Cruz, organized by Martha Kenney. Gratitude to Hsuan L. Hsu and Martha Lincoln for their comments, and allowing me to borrow and steal from their article “Biopower, Bodies . . . the Exhibition, and the Spectacle of Public Health.” Many thanks to HASTAC for a generative forum, and for being a new media collective so formative in supporting and inspiring my hopes for intellectual and poetic interventions.

A version of “Materials” was performed at Revolution Books in Honolulu by fellow UCHRI ReWired participants, Amy Shen, Martha Kenney, Jennifer Beth, Tania PĂ©rez Bustos, and myself. Thank you to Jennifer Langdon and David Theo Goldberg of UCHRI and my fellow techno-science poetas for their vital support for further development of “Materials.”