Aryanil Mukherjee

honeycomb scriptures :: world granulated

two gloved men carying a sheet of factory glass childhood. pivoted on two mobile corners. i remember the cityscape across and thru it. and then comes a 1-800-
bluevan-with-no-strings-attached to any kind of shenanigans. brake-failed and time-

it spares the two carriers. but childhood crumbles into its pearls of trivia. a world granulated on the average street of everywhere.

miniature golf. the marble game on the streets. the rut treasures them all. in clusters;like body language, trapped in the corners of rooms,in singles and doubles,in hide and seek. retrieval follows.

identify the private twin.

Lantern Review: A Journal of Asian American Poetry
Issue 2 | Winter 2011 | p 7