Lantern Review: Issue 5

When every day I walk in front of a cop
I know that already
all too well
(turns to Kronos, totally loses it)
It’s all your fault, Kronos!
If you weren’t so fucking stupid that night
I would have never gone through any of this
If you weren’t such a fucking gook that night,
I wouldn’t be alone!

(38 charges to Kronos to try to attack the headstone, but 18 and 28 rush in to hold her back. 38 screams and protests, sobbing, and 18 and 28 grab her, hold her lovingly, calming her down as she tries to fight back. 38, defeated, is collapsed on the ground as 18 and 28 gently stroke her.)

Amadou Diallo was still killed
Sean Bell was still killed
Oscar Grant was still killed
Cau Bich Tran was still killed
Emmit Till was still killed
Vincent Chin was still killed
Matthew Shepard was still killed
Kronos Nguyen was still killed

Takeo Rivera

and the earth
kept spinning.

(18 and 28 hold 38 in a mournful embrace and freeze. The incarnations of Prometheus remain in this position into the next scene. The lights dim slightly on them.)