Friends & Neighbors: Maria Allocco in the 2011 IWL Anthology


We’ve just received word that Chicken Skin and Impossible Trees, the Kearny Street Workshop/Intersection for the Arts’ 2011 Intergenerational Writers Lab Online Anthology—featuring the work of LR Issue 1 contributor Maria T. Allocco and twelve other writers—is now available online.  Click here to read Maria’s contributions, or on the image below to check out this beautiful annual publication (it’s also worth noting that Issue 2 contributor Kenji C. Liu’s work appeared in the 2009 edition).  Congrats, Maria!

* * *

Maria T. Allocco’s poem “Downstairs” appeared in Issue 1 of Lantern Review.

Friends & Neighbors: Reminder – KSW’s IWL Deadline

KSW's Intergenerational Writers Lab

Just a quick reminder to all you SF Bay Area based readers:

The deadline for Kearny Street Workshop’s Intergenerational Writers’ Lab is coming up this Friday, February 19th. Applications must be received in the office by 5 pm that day.  Do take a chance on sending in an application if you have the time; it would be a shame to miss out on the chance to participate!

Editors’ Picks: Opportunities for Writing in Community

Here at LR, we value community as a space for growth and artistic exploration.  The mentorship that we receive when we work with older writers, and the camaraderie we experience when working with our peers can both be particularly important in encouraging us to push forward with our strengths and in challenging us to reach for new heights in our work.  Writing and creating alongside other members of the Asian American community can also be a incredibly transformative experience: on the individual level, it can help us to wrestle with our personal senses of vision and identity, while on a larger scale, it can help us to mobilize ourselves as a community.   There are many opportunities to participate in community writing workshops that happen throughout the year, but in this post we’d like to focus on three whose deadlines are coming up in the next few months.

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