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About Us

Mission Statement

Lantern Review aims to provide a virtual space in which to showcase Asian American poetry and to engage with issues relevant to its production and dissemination. We seek to publish expertly crafted poetry in a variety of forms and aesthetics, including traditional and experimental pieces, hybrid and multimedia projects, and new translations. We welcome submissions from anglophone writers of all ethnic backgrounds whose work has a vested interest in issues relevant to the Asian diaspora in North America, as well as work created collaboratively in a community context.

About the Name

Lanterns are cross-cultural symbols of aesthetic beauty, hope, festivity, and enlightenment. They have historically been a feature of community celebrations, and are also linked with exploration, discovery, and the forging of new paths. By choosing a lantern as our emblem, we hope to reflect our desire that Lantern Review would help to shed light on the multifaceted, ever-evolving creature that is “Asian American poetry,” as well as to be a stage on which the question,“What is contemporary Asian American poetry and where is it headed?” can be played out.


Magazine: Published annually, our exclusively web-based magazine showcases new poetry, visual art, translations, and hybrid or multimedia work, as well as collaborative work that has been produced in a community arts setting.

Blog: Our blog, updated frequently by our team of staff writers, features book reviews, interviews, poetry prompts, literary news, and personal reflections on the writing life.

Editorial Staff

Iris A. Law, Editor
Mia Ayumi Malhotra, Associate Editor

Technology Consultant

Brandon Chez

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